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3kW 1/2A max charging UPS UDC9103S-RT One

Item No.: UDC9103S-RT
UDC Rack Mount Series 1-3kVA
Description Technical Specifications
1. Online double conversion
2. Wide input voltage range(110-300Vac)
3. Input power factor 0.99(with PFC)
4. Output power factor 1.0
5. Optional charging current 1A or 2A for standard unit;
    2A charging current is for 2 groups for insides batteries
6. Maximum charging current 12A (Long run unit)
7. Charging current can be set by LCD (Long run unit)
8. 50Hz/60Hz frequency converter mode
9. Emergency power off function (EPO) 
10. ECO mode operation for energy saving 
11. Generator compatible 
12. SNMP + USB + RS232 multiple communications 
13. Smart battery charging design for optimizing battery performance
14. Support lithium battery and BMS
15. Selectable output voltage: 200,208,220,230,240Vac
16. Low priority load disconnection function 
17. 8 minutes backup time standard units are optional 

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